The smallest and cutest artwork you will ever buy: a Mini-Art! Designed by well-known artist Rene Jacobs of Galerie de Kunstkop. The ideal gift for the artlover with a sense of humor.

The Mini-Arts are a creation of contemporain artist Rene Jacobs from Galerie ART Jacobs. Especially the artworks which have been inspired by the famous masterpieces of the past but which have been placed back in our current time with a humorous twist have become popular around the globe. 

The measures are 9 x 10 cm and the price is what you would expect with the size of a mini-Art: temporarely only € 12,50,- , 1 Mini-Art is only 1 euro transportation costs within the Netherlands, as from 2 Mini-Arts the transportations costs are zero!

  • Girl with the Face Mask
    Girl with the Face Mask
    € 12,50
  • Girl with the beer mug
    Girl with the beer mug
    € 12,50
  • Girl with the joint
    Girl with the joint
    € 12,50
  • Girl with the Gasmask
    Girl with the Gasmask
    € 12,50
  • From ear to ear
    From ear to ear
    € 12,50
  • Maria Unox Trip
    Maria Unox Trip
    € 12,50
  • Rembrandt in Peace
    Rembrandt in Peace
    € 12,50
  • Girl with the headphones
    Girl with the headphones
    € 12,50
  • Girl with the Braces
    Girl with the Braces
    € 12,50
  • Girl with the Ray Ban
    Girl with the Ray Ban
    € 12,50
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