On this page you will find all the available work which is currently hanging in my gallery. if you pasy the transportation costs I will make sure that it is properly and sefely packed. Second half of July the transport will be slightly delayed.

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  • Blast from the past
    Blast from the past

    New! Oil on a painting from the thirties. 19 x 21 cm. The fingers are getting closer to the red buttons.

    € 250,00
  • The Kraken
    The Kraken

    Nieuw! The Kraken, olieverf op schilderij uit de jaren 60. 12 x 16 cm. De mythische kraken duikt weer op in dit kunstwerk.

    € 150,00
  • Hail Baby Yoda
    Hail Baby Yoda

    New! Hail Baby Yoda, oil on an icon from the fifties, 13 x 21 cm.

    € 175,00
  • Even the Force fails sometimes
    Even the Force fails sometimes

    New! Even the Force fails sometimes, oil on a painting from the '30. 30 x 32 cm. Even the Force fails sometimes.

    € 395,00
  • Lord Trike
    Lord Trike

    New! Oil on a painting from the 19nth century. 21 x 26 cm. Classic Lord on a flashy trike, old money meets new money in this painting.

    € 350,00
  • Vincent Redefined
    Vincent Redefined

    New! Oil on linne, 80 x 100 cm, Vincent Redefined, old school painting pleasure with this portrait of Vincent van Gogh which is made entirely with the letters V.i.n.c.e.n.t. .W.i.l.l.e.m. .v.a.n. .G.o.g.h. The letters seem to be…

    € 1.950,00
  • No Exit
    No Exit

    New! Plastic puppets, MDF, rustpaint and coloured epoxy in antique brique mold. 15 x 30 cm. If the sealevel is rising everybody is running for the exit but unfortunately there is none.

    € 395,00
  • Digging a ditch
    Digging a ditch

    New! Digging a Ditch, plastic puppets and coloured epoxy in antique French soap dish. 10 x 18 cm. We are digging our own ditch with fossil fuels.

    € 175,00
  • The Colden cage
    The Colden cage

    New! 14 x 9 x 9 cm, Plastic puppets and acryllic paint in a wooden cage. Who want to live in a golden cage?

    € 150,00
  • Ancient Abduction
    Ancient Abduction

    New! 45 x 55cm, Oil on a painting from the thirties. Abduction in broad daylight in the Delft at the times of Vermeer.

    € 595,00
  • Sample card of the Rotte
    Sample card of the Rotte

    New! Oil on cigarmolds. A sample card of all the colours you can find along the typical Dutch river the Rotte.

    € 1.395,00
  • Blue Doner Kebab King
    Blue Doner Kebab King

    Nieuw! Olieverf op Delftsblauwe tegel uit de 18e eeuw. Onze mooie boerderijtje uit vroegere tijden vallen ten prooi aan stedelijke verloedering.

    € 195,00
  • Blue Urban
    Blue Urban

    Nieuw! 18 x 18 cm, Olieverf op Delftsblauwe tegel uit de 17e eeuw. Het werk gaat naar een expo van Museum Paul Tetar van Elven tot eind November dus als je interesse hebt, moet je even geduld hebben.

    € 225,00
  • A Sentimental Crash
    A Sentimental Crash

    New! 37 x 47 cm, oil on a painting from the sixties. Sometimes past and present crash.

    € 495,00
  • The Green side of the Force
    The Green side of the Force

    Oil on a painting from the thirties

    € 495,00
  • Re-arranged Vase with flowers
    Re-arranged Vase with flowers

    New! Original painting cut in pieces and rearranged.

    € 195,00
  • We're stuck
    We're stuck

    New! 6 x 16 cm, We're stuck!

    € 95,00
  • #Jerk

    New! 26 x 22 cm, Plastic puppet in an old frame. First we praise somebody and we put a golden frame around him but than we write them down and call him a #jerk.

    € 195,00
  • The Nursery
    The Nursery

    New! 13 x 18 cm. It is crowded at the nursery.

    € 150,00
  • The Inner Circle
    The Inner Circle

    78 x 83 cm, plastic puppets in wooden labyrinth.

    € 2.400,00
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