On this page you will find all the available work which is currently hanging in my gallery. if you pasy the transportation costs I will make sure that it is properly and sefely packed. 

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  • Money makes the world go round
    Money makes the world go round

    New! Diameter 61 cm. Real euro banknotes, plastic puppets in an antique olive bin. Do you ever have the feeling as if we are a couple of hamsters in a giant treadmill walking around to make money, which we spend and then we have…

    € 2.400,00
  • Rearranged Milkmaid
    Rearranged Milkmaid

    New, 30 x 30 cm, replica of the Milkmaid cut into pieces and rearranged. An icon like the milkmaid is indestructible, or isn't she? . This modern artwork challenges you to reconstruct her.

    € 295,00
  • The Milkbitch is fucked up
    The Milkbitch is fucked up

    New! Portrait of the Milkmaid shot with a pallet gun.

    € 250,00
  • AT AT mum & kid
    AT AT mum & kid

    New! 26 x 31 cm, oil on painting from the fifties. Mother AT AT keeps an eye on her curious kid as he is checking out the people on the ice

    € 295,00
  • A Sentimental sunset
    A Sentimental sunset

    New! 24 x 29 cm, oil on a painting from the sixties.

    € 295,00
  • Paradise Bay
    Paradise Bay

    Nieuw! Olieverf op schilderij uit de jaren 60. Het paradijselijke uitzicht op deze baai is grondig verwoest.

    € 170,00
  • The Kraken returns
    The Kraken returns

    New! 25 x 30 cm, oil on a painting from the sixties. The kraken has returned and is about to overwhelm the sailboat

    € 250,00
  • Love stands alone
    Love stands alone

    Nieuw! Oil on a painting from the fifties. Everybody is searching for love.

    € 395,00
  • Virtual Paradise
    Virtual Paradise

    New! Oil on a painting from 1942, 90 x 110 cm. Ecstatic Franciscus on a higher ground due to virtual reality.

    € 895,00
  • Ancient Abduction
    Ancient Abduction

    New! 45 x 55cm, Oil on a painting from the thirties. Abduction in broad daylight in the Delft at the times of Vermeer.

    € 595,00
  • Lord Trike
    Lord Trike

    New! Oil on a painting from the 19nth century. 21 x 26 cm. Classic Lord on a flashy trike, old money meets new money in this painting.

    € 295,00
  • God in his tiny little universe
    God in his tiny little universe

    New! 2400 plastic puppets, MDF and handmade, wooden puppet in an antique drawer, 46 x 46 cm. Who says that God is allmighty and the universe endless? In this artwork a crowd is gathering around a simple, golden God.

    € 950,00
  • Locked up in our little lives
    Locked up in our little lives

    New! Plastic puppets in vendormachine. 35 x 125 cm.

    € 3.950,00
  • Face to face with Climate change
    Face to face with Climate change

    New! Face to face with climate change, plastic puppets, colored epoxy in antique French cheese mold. If we stare at climate change in effect we stare ourselves in the face and that image seems to paralyze us.

    € 795,00
  • The Inner Circle
    The Inner Circle

    78 x 83 cm, plastic puppets in wooden labyrinth.

    € 2.400,00
  • Sample card of the countryside
    Sample card of the countryside

    New! 61 x 70 cm, oil on cigar molds. Our beloved countryside is endangered to disappear until nothing remains but these sample cards with the colors of the past.

    € 1.200,00
  • Archief idyllisch landscape
    Archief idyllisch landscape

    Nieuw! Olieverf op blokjes sloophout in antieke apothekerslade. 46 x 89 cm.

    € 1.200,00
  • Blue Doner Kebab King
    Blue Doner Kebab King

    Nieuw! Olieverf op Delftsblauwe tegel uit de 18e eeuw. Onze mooie boerderijtje uit vroegere tijden vallen ten prooi aan stedelijke verloedering.

    € 195,00
  • Mac Bethlehem
    Mac Bethlehem

    New! Mac Bethlehem, olieverf op kerststal uit de jaren zestig. 20 x 15 cm

    € 175,00
  • Over simplified Dutch landscape
    Over simplified Dutch landscape

    Nieuw! Oil on blocks of woord. 19 x 22 cm. The beautifull Netherlands reduced to the max.

    € 250,00
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